1/4" speckled rubber flooring ($2.00/sq ft.)

1/4" speckled rubber flooring ($2.00/sq ft.)


$2.50/sq.ft.:  0-1000 sq.ft. ($4.50/sq ft. w/ adhesive and installed)

$2.25/sq.ft:  1,000-5,000sq.ft ($4.25/sq. ft. w/ adhsive and installation)

$2.00/sq.ft.:  5,000 sqft + ($4.00/sq.ft w/ adhesive and installation)


You need a long-lasting floor that will take tons of traffic and look great for years: Survivor SportFloor™ wins every time. Endorsed by Gold’s Gym, Survivor thrives in tough, high-traffic environments. Available in roll and interlocking tile, Survivor SportFloor’s unique beveled-edge construction means virtually no gapping, resulting in a smooth, seamless surface.