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4 reasons to build your dream gym in your garage.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own personal gym in your garage? Or maybe you have other extra wasted space in your home that you would like to use but you're just not quite sure where to start.

For most of us, the thought of waking up at 4:45am before work to go to the gym makes our skin crawl. Or maybe worse: trying to motivate to exercise after work at 5:30pm, at a time when we all lack the motivation/energy to pull off an effective workout. The difference maker could be having an extra hour to sleep in; to take your time in mentally/physically preparing for the demands of an intense workout, and completing all of the sets/reps, cardio duration, etc. that you had planned on. Insert garage gym here.

Most of us have additional space within the confines of our homes to make room for a few pieces of gym/fitness equipment. Hell, you may even own a dumbbell or two. But what if you had an entire gym within steps of your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen? Statistics show that the longer the distance you must travel to your gym, the less likely you are to workout.. In theory, this means that the closer your gym is to your home, the better shape you should be in. In practical terms, however, you must use the gym in order to see results. The treadmill isn't going to burn calories for you.

Having a garage gym may not be the answer to all your prayers, especially if you're lazy, and that is a topic that deserves an entirely separate blog post. But garage gyms do have a certain allure to them don't they?: 1. easy access 2. privacy 3. no membership dues 4. no excuses. Each of these factors make it so that your fitness goals become that much more attainable. That is, if traveling from your bedroom to your garage isn't the farthest distance you travel every day ;)

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